Crayon Shinchan (New) from Bandai on Super Famicom

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Fitting into the action puzzle genre comes a licensed game based on the escapades of the well known (at least in Japan) Shin Chan - drawn as if by crayon. Best served up in hot multiplayer mode, players must splash each other with puddles in a Bomberman style arena. Puddles splash in the direction the player is facing when jumping through them and its possible to set off a chain reaction with a bit of planning. Nice variety in the levels from on the moon to in the desert - though its not too clear where all the water has come from. Power ups keep the action fresh by reversing an opponents controls or paralysing them on the spot for a bit of drenching.

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Publisher: Bandai
Game Type: Puzzle
Console: Super Famicom

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Further information regarding Crayon Shinchan (New) is as follows:-

Brand new. Please note requires the Sufami adaptor to be able to play (sold separately.) Box has slight sunfade and discolouration. Slight crease on top flap.

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