Area 88 (Cart Only) from Capcom on Super Famicom

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Coversion of the coin - op cracker based on the manga where Shin is stuck in a catch 22 situation of trying to raise enough money to be freed of his mercenary contract. None of that gets in the way of a good shooter though, apart from the money which is used to buy weapons from the shop in the realistic war master-blaster. If you can save a bob or two its also possible to splash out on an improved ship to assist on the combined air/land assaults. The graphics though do convey the emotions of the series well in the animated on screen character represntations and are also thankfully sharp in game with so much frentic action. Two other characters compete for selection each with differing health recovering properties and smart bomb potential compared to Shin's quick power shot charge. Known as UN Squadron in the West.

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Publisher: Capcom
Game Type: Shoot Em Up
Console: Super Famicom

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Further information regarding Area 88 (Cart Only) is as follows:-

Second hand. Top Ten All Time Greats (Shoot 'Em Ups), GamesMaster Official Book. Please note this game comes with no box or instructions.