Angel Eyes from Tecmo on Playstation

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Gymnastic female protagonists that use their suppleness to flip around the arenas dishing out lightening lashes of fury. But if you think the fighting gals can go, wait until you see the sheer velocity of the bad babe bosses. Unusually features both 3D and 2D characters as a pastiche on fight pugilists. Fear not though: sprite versions can be unlocked for those with the requisite reflexes. A desirable title in Japan, perhaps down to the stars? Also known as Toukidenshou Angel Eyes.

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Publisher: Tecmo
Game Type: One on One Beat Em Up
Console: Playstation

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Further information regarding Angel Eyes is as follows:-

Second hand. Disk has been lightly polished. Light discolouration on manual reverse with a tiny nick and light CD tab impression on the front. Light sun fade on front cover.

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