Yu Yu Hakusho from Treasure on Mega Drive

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Much coverted in Japan as an early example of Treasure's brilliance that sadly never made the journey to the West. Lays the solid foundations for the later release of Guardian Heroes. Based on the popular anime series, Yu Yu has four player potential with the aid of a multitap which is an absolute must and has no sign of showdown. Original backgrounds executed with Treasure's eye for detail creates a pseudo 3D effect, but the fight action is firmly rooted in 2D old school.

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Publisher: Treasure
Game Type: One on One Beat Em Up
Console: Mega Drive

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Further information regarding Yu Yu Hakusho is as follows:-

Second hand. Please note: multitap not supplied, but comes as a pack in with Pro Striker Perfect. Not compatible with Action Replay. Complete with registration card. Slight manual cover impressions. To view Hardcore Gaming's critical eye cast over this title, please click here... www.hardcoregaming101.net/yuyubleach/yuyubleach.htm

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