Whats Shenmue from Sega on Dreamcast

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Genki recently came across this bizarre bonus of a demo and promotional disk which had somehow slipped under our radar previously. Its hard to deny the draw of Shenmue and it summarises alot that was right in Sega HQ with its realistic gaming world. (Besides alot that was wrong in the vast expense attained in producing the game...) In Whats Shenmue Ryo is seeking out Mr Yukawa from Segas HQ to quiz him on the games content. Poor Mr Yukawa looks a bit stressed as he is found getting some shut eye in his office surrounded by unsold Dreamcast consoles. Bless him. But what a fine (if slightly quirky) way to introduce the delights of Shenmue.

Publisher: Sega
Game Type: Action RPG
Console: Dreamcast

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Further information regarding Whats Shenmue is as follows:-

Second hand. Comes with a couple of Shenmue promotional leaflets, but they have creasing. Crease along edge of manual where it has been trapped in the CD door.

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