Otomedius Excellent (New) from Konami on Xbox 360

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Since the Dreamcast is resting happily in retirement (for now at least...!) The XBox 360 has taken on its mantle of retina ruining, bullet-hell shooters. Konami has a real flair for such shooters with its tongue in cheek visual gags and gaggle of girls that given this a Doujin feel in terms of characterisation, but with triple A production values. Its hard to think of anything else but gorgeous, not the prequel, but just down to the beautifully coloured 3D backgrounds and warming lighting effects. Simultaneous three player blasting is a real hoot. Kudos to Microsoft for flashing its hardcore tattoos and making a machine for the masses alongside the arcade posse with a pocket full of hundred Yen coins. Also known as Otomedius X.

For more info on the series please click here to view Hardcore Gaming's excellent guide.

Publisher: Konami
Game Type: Shoot Em Up
Console: Xbox 360

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Further information regarding Otomedius Excellent (New) is as follows:-

Brand new. Cero C: 16 and over. First print containing RV Vic Viper Download card.

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