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Recent preorders to catch the eye include:

Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash Sunshine Edition (PS4)
New Gundam Breaker (PS4)
BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle (Switch)
Devil May Cry HD Collection (PS4)
Gal Gun 2 (PS4)
Fist of the North Star (Sega) (PS4)

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Game Of The Week

Gourmet Sentai Bara Yarou (Reprint) (New)

Choaniki meets Final Fight and the results are very visual. Three selectable characters with a muscleman seemingly straight from the Choaniki series, a buxom Mademoiselle and a bishonen blonde each with their own taunt. The gourmet element comes into the gameplay in that a chef will whisk up a culin... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Crossed Swords II

CD exclusive that sees the player represented in see through line graphics as assaults reign in from all manner of brutes that require dispatching by our crusade style hero. Plays like the classic Super Spy but with swords and a Holy Grail setting in the detailed backgrounds. But its not just a hack... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Tom and Jerry (New)

Sound representation of the cat and mouse game to the point you'll hear the immortal scream of Thomas. Players can cooperate as fish and footballs are bagged, the latter used as projectiles. The parallax scrolling is very impressive and the bright colours have that friendly, all American feel. The J... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Zelda Four Swords (New)

Inspired from the Super Famicom classic which Genki rates as the best RPG of all time. Always a pleasure and never a chore with great use of the GBA link when entering a confined area. Dazzling in four player mode.... Click for more info

Recommended Game

PC Kid 2 (New)

PC Kid's giant head comes in handy to deliver cranium crushing Glasgow kisses to enemies that come at you surfing, fishing, even catching insects. Full of fresh ideas. Also known as 'Genjin' or 'Bonk 2' or perhaps even 'Bonk's Revenge'.'... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Ninja Cop Saizou (New)

Think of Rolling Thunder with ninjas and you'll have the gist of this platform shooter. Known as Wrath of the Black Mantra in the West.... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Battle Garegga Rev 2016 Premium Edition (New)

One of the most treasured of Saturn shooters (and now requiring a fair amount of treasure to own on the Saturn) gets a PS4 update worthy of its weighty burden. And what a delight for fans of the original in the soundtrack, booklet, illustration cards, techical guide and a couple of other bits and pi... Click for more info

Recommended Game

2020 Super Baseball (New)

A baseball game good enough to be perfectly playable to those not interested in the sport is the most fitting tribute to this very tidy sports game. Souped up robot competitors add to the excitement with a seeming guest appearance from the Smash robot. But take care as a few no balls to the body can... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Star Soldier Vanishing Earth (New)

Update of the mighty shmup series that first made its fame on the humble PC Engine and the proud roots are apparent by a guest appearance of the final Soldier Blade boss on level one and also in the inclusion of the two and five minute challenge modes. Three ships to choose from each with its own un... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Crash Dummies (Cart Only)

The flexible and sometimes dispensable nature of the Crash Dummies make them perfect to platforming. Being able to inflate also helps get through tricky spots in this overlooked platformer. Full title: The Incredible Crash Dummies.... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Unholy Night The Darkness Hunter (New)

Unbelievable to see a Super Famicom release in 2017. And some real coding might behind it too with a crack unit of ex-SNK veterans making up the A-Team. ... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Return of Double Dragon (New)

Billy Lee and Jimmy Lee hit the streets looking more 80's than Grand Master Flash, but then you should see the bad dudes the bro's have to fight to rescue drugs investigator Marian from the clutches of the Shadow Warriors in this camp classic. ... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Sega Ages Puyo Puyo 2 Perfect Set

A host of new anime style characters to chuckle along with and do battle adding much to the enjoyment with thirty challengers each possessing a unique strategy. As ever the ojama Puyos wreak havoc when they sprinkle liberally down on your playing field as they don't match to any colour: only a chain... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Super Robot Shooting Limited Edition (New)

Featuring some cast iron legends from the mecha manga world with good old Gundam and Mazinger Z amongst the troop that fly into the screen taking out rogue robots. Each mecha has their own special attack and a different character is used for each stage to keep the shooting action fun. Comes with a s... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Love Love Torokko (New)

A fun and quirky Playstation game which creates its own course like Mad Panic Coaster. Players ride a mine cart and must use teamwork to get it up to speed before leaping around trying to get the power ups and take the right fork in the rail track. As original as enjoyable.... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Assault Suit Leynos 2

Sequel to the superb Mega Drive and Super Famicom crackers, Leynos 2 features more exo skeleton related mayhem and maintains the clunky metal feel of the original as the suits are dropped behind enemy lines and straight into the thick of it. Ginormous bosses and relentless onslaught from enemy mechs... Click for more info

Recommended Game

XDR (New)

Mega bosses and pretty level design make for a sizzling hot shooter that seems to be inspired by a few of its more illustrious counterparts. Still theres no shame here and the sum of the products add up to a fine trigger happy shmup. Stands for X-Dazedly Ray, in case you were wondering.... Click for more info

Recommended Game

Ultimate Ghouls and Ghosts Kai (Best) (New)

Containing both the original PSP release and this updated version with rearranged stages, the ability to warp to previously cleared areas along with a few more precious credits. All set to the same spine tingling orchestral score that demands the volume up. Well worthy of being immortalised on the P... Click for more info

Hardware Of The Week

Playdia Console (New)

Bandai went it alone to release its own baby rather than make third party releases for other manufacturers. This console is quite a curio rather than a gamers machine and vies for space on the Genki coffee table with a Casio Loopy to entertain visitors. Though the console has a sleek design with the... Click for more info

Recommended Hardware

Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer (New)

Nintendo gets all nostalgic with the release of the ever young Famicom. Built into the palm sized hardware are Donkey Kong, Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario USA, Pacman, Excitebike, Balloon Fight, Ice Climber, Galaga, Yie Ar Kung Fu, Zelda, Gradius, Atalantis, Ghouls and... Click for more info

Recommended Hardware

Nintendo Classic Mini Super Famicom (New)

Nintendo re-releases its Super Famicom in mini format with twenty one built in games including (and its hard to trim this list down!): Super Mario World, F-Zero, Mystical Ninja, Ghouls and Ghosts, Zelda, Super Contra, Super Mario Kart, Rockman X, Super Metroid, Super Street Fighter II, Yoshi's Islan... Click for more info

Recommended Hardware

Handle Controller (New)

Lavishly retro with Hori's high production values, this fine controller lists the following games on the Famicom it was compatible with at the time of production: After Burner, Knight Rider, Space Harrier, Pole to Finish, Sky Destroyer, Highway Star, but others will also work. On the Mega Drive its ... Click for more info

Recommended Hardware

Family Computer Disk System (New)

The original version of the disk system as crafted by Nintendo and its early design flair is in more than evident. The system offered so much potential with terminals to download software found in many stores, yet Nintendo feared for its iron grip on distribution and the system was scaled back. Stil... Click for more info

Recommended Hardware

Famicom 3D System (New)

Until recently Genki was blissfully unaware of the Famicom 3D System. Granted a few Genki staff have 'Mekong' style foreheads due to the pressure on the temples by the 3D glasses that came with the Master System. Yet it turns out it Famicom Fanboys and girls were getting in on the act, especially wi... Click for more info

Recommended Hardware

Neo Geo Pocket Wireless Communication Unit (New)

A whacky device that uses radio waves to link fellow Neo Geo Pocket players together to share data. Quite a collector curio from the fine SNK stable.... Click for more info

Recommended Hardware

Neo Geo Pocket Dreamcast Link Cable (Sale)| (New)

Sadly the short life of both consoles make this quite a hard piece of kit to track down, but there are enough games out there that take advantage of it to make it a worthy purchase for those owning both machines. Very popular for the Cool Cool Toon/Cool Cool Jam link up as well as being used in conj... Click for more info

Recommended Hardware

Biosensor (New)

Certainly the wackiest peripheral on the Genki site and straight from the home of chindogu. This small accessory clips to the ear and monitors blood pressure during the game to effect the in game on goings. For example, when used in connection with Tetris 64 it speeds up and slows down the rate of t... Click for more info

Recommended Hardware

Arcade Card Duo (New)

Released to boost the Engine's prowess in the face of growing hardware competiton, the Arcade Card had several dedicated releases and several whose processing powers were boosted by the card. Unfortunately a high retail price meant it didn't really meet its potential, but it makes the Engine do a mi... Click for more info

Recommended Hardware

Japanese Playstation 2 Charcoal Black

The benefits of buying a Japanese machine are that you can use it straight away without any modification to play import Japanese titles thus enjoying a plethora of hidden gems. This slimline beauty is complete with controller, AV cable, power cable and AC adaptor but may require a step down transfor... Click for more info